2020-2021 STEAM

This year we will have virtual STEAM for the months of November through March. Each month will focus on one area of STEAM. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)  Each month the STEAM project will be introduced and the requirements will be posted in the newsletter sent home for the school.  You may also find information on the school website.

November Steam Project

This month we will focus on SCIENCE.  We will be trying to find out what is the best type of Pumpkin Slime or another slime of your choice. (https://www.craftymorning.com/pumpkin-guts-slime/)  You may also come up with your own recipe for slime or experiment with other recipes.  You will need to drop off your slime in a closed container at the office on Nov 20th by 3:00.  Your form must be filled out and be with your slime project.  Ribbons will be given for different categories and winners will be announced Nov. 24th.  Your slime will need to be picked up by Nov. 25th.  The slime projects will be displayed during lunch on Nov. 24th.  If you are unable to bring your slime to school you will need email several pictures of your slime and form to [email protected] Your pictures will need to reflect the categorizes being judged. In order to be on the school webpage you will need to fill out the a Social Media Release form found on school website.


December Steam Project